Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hello from brisbane... back on the east coast after a very long flight yesterday. playing the tivoli tonight in brisbane. 3 more shows down unda. perth was really fun, thanks to all who came out last night to what has to be one of the worst clubs in the southern hemisphere, metro city... sorry for playing there, no choice as ac/dc took our first choice, subiaco oval. we still had a blast perth, so don't hold it against us please. sorry i don't have a set list from this show yet, but will try to post it later. ok, off to the tivoli for sound check now... gonna be a cracker! and the in-laws will be there tonight!

this is remko. our soundman. today is his birthday! he only wears orange because he is dutch.

this is mark ibold's bag. he's had it since day one in pavement. it must be 20 years old.


Jonas Ymir Jonasson said...

finally we get to see Remko :), keep those blog post coming.

elemento said...

Seriously, we're more embarrassed that you had to play at Metro than you should be disappointed. It is singularly the most atrocious venue in the world! A wonderful show, however!

Phil said...

Is metro that bad, I know its a little too shiny for us pavement fans, but we dont care as long as we get to see pavement, anywhere. 3 friends and I go together for the first time in ages, great gig, lots of fun.

Mike said...

Video of the Perth finale - hope you don't mind (can take it down if you do). Was standing behind Remko so that's his head I'm dodging: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL82fXHlpcU

Riley said...

Still buzzing from Sunday night at The Palace in Melbourne ... you guys were amazing. I'm so glad that I got to see the pavemen live again - and my friend was so glad she got to see you live for the first time!

It was funny cataloguing the differences between last time ('97) and now - back then they used to search you for recording devices, now it's water bottles. Also, I remember smoking right up in front of the stage ... glad that particular bit is different now, though - even though I still smoke.

I think it's awesome that you brought Remko, too!

Best wishes for your upcoming big day, and thanks for coming!

rez said...