Monday, March 1, 2010

oz tour poster

oz tour poster from our old friend paulie mcneil. he did all the oz tour posters for us back in the 90's. on sale at the shows here in oz.

and for those interested in the new t-shirt designs from this tour... please contact kung fu for any info on these designs or past designs. or better yet, come to the shows and buy early, since we sold out pretty fast in auckland last night.


Bill said...

That poster is awesome. From what I understand, it's limited to the tour and won't be sold elsewhere, so if anyone is willing to pick one up for me and mail it to the U.S., I will send prompt payment and be grateful (or I can trade for something from the U.S. tour this summer). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i grabbed a poster at the friday show in sydney. didnt even realise it was signed/numbered (out of 350) until i got home or i would have grabbed an extra to trade.

merch girl said they sold out the night before, so i assume they have alotted a quantity for each night of the tour.

show was great btw.