Sunday, April 25, 2010

sacto, northern cal!

hanging out in the old hometown of stockton... yesterday we went to one of the greatest mexican restaurants in the world... el novillero in sacramento. many a meal was consumed here in the early pavement days! we're off to dublin in a few days to start the euro tour. it's been a nice break, but been practicing some new songs and also spiral stairs songs for the two shows in the uk. here we come!

#9... two beef tacos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

thanks southland!

ok. we conquered coachella. now the anxiety can cease. hope all who saw us enjoyed. we know we did. all in all, it was a fun show. we were a little nervous when we went on, but after a few songs we hit our stride. the response from the crowd was very generous and nice. thanks again! hope to see all of you at the hollywood bowl in sept. we also got a nice write up in the ny times. not sure i said that first line, i think it might have been sm. oh well, the parents will like it. went early and saw the soft pack. if you haven't seen em, go! yo la tengo and spoon were also some of the highlights. below is the set list and some pix. see ya in dublin next!
didn't do box elder or conduit...
the soft pack...pomona, night before...

food, coffee, cocktails, party!

this is my breakfast on our united airlines flight from tokyo to los angeles... inedible! and you wonder why this airline goes bankrupt.

and this is jeremy lemos travel/tour blog for the chicago reader. jeremy does killa monitors for us and is a slick dresser. enjoy!

and last but not least are steaks from pappy and harriets... went here on the day before coachella. had a nice drive through joshua tree national park as well.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

we are the pil for that!

it's early in the desert. it's supposed to be in the 90's later. big show tonight. man, i'm nervous. went on friday and saw PIL, who were awesome... and then spent the next two hours trying to get home. what a clusterf---! going early today to see soft pack!

Friday, April 16, 2010


here's a nice review from the unremarkable LA Times...

listamania redux

hello from sunny indian wells california. got here really late last night... too late! it's coachella weekend and we are in some crazy desert resort. i'm looking out on a golf course... it's gonna be hard to resist. it looks like the temps will be in the 80's all weekend so looking forward to the craziness. below is the list from our first us show since cinncinati way back in 99'. thanks to those who braved the traffic jam which is la to make the show.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


melbourne list...
little buddy!

new gold soundz!

this is the japanese box set. out through hostess records in japan. not sure how to get a hold of it yet, but matador will probably have some available soon.

it's all the studio records plus the videos and a couple live shows on dvd. all the cds are in paper sleeves and look great.

we want two two states!

hello from the city of angels. yes... we've heard 'under the bridge' on the radio like 5 times already. it's good to be back in california! no star sightings yet, but everyone is one here right! had some beautiful oaxacan food last night in little korea of all places. looking forward to our first show in over 10 years tomorrow night... in the meantime, some more highlights from japan.

karaoke in nagoya...
guess the song...

this is beige... my tech and marble valley alum!

this is andy... sm's tech and another marble valley!

fried chicken in nagoya...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


hello again... it's been awhile. there's been a lot going on. sorry for the delay. i did get married, went on a honeymoon, and have been traveling so i think i deserve an excuse. haha.
we are in nagoya japan at the moment. tonight is our last show here in japan until august when we return for summersonic. it's been great here as usual as the japanese crowds have been very warm and inviting, except for the occasional drunk yank. sm barely made our first show in tokyo the other night as he had some problems with his flight from the us. he arrived at the club 5 minutes before we were to go on. it didn't seem to make a difference as we had a great show.

we can't wait to get back to the states in a couple days and are very excited to be playing our first shows in the us in over 10 years. pomona here we come! never thought i'd be saying that! ha.

ok, below are some setlists for you... see you all soon!

tokyo #2
tokyo #1
studio coast tokyo...

zepp osaka!
on stage in osaka at 6pm!

hanshin tigers osaka...

fried chicken place in nagoya!