Sunday, March 7, 2010

storm of the century

hello there from radalaide! about to play our 5th show in a couple hours. last nights golden plains festival was pretty special. thanks to all who braved the rain to come see us. here's the set list and also the list from the second enmore show. off to perth early tomorrow morning flying across the nullarbar plain!

we did western homes as well first on at encore.


manuela said...

i really think you should play at&t, firstly because it is one of my favourite ones (it just makes me feel fine); secondly because i think it is a perfect gig-song, and loads of people, i guess everybody, would really enjoy it.

so, i'm gonna see you in london and hopefully NY, i hope i will listen, sing and dance this fabolouse tune.

it could be nice if you were playing candy lad, but i know it might be difficult... :)

cant wait to see you at the brixton accademy.....

Michael said...

Those are some sweet-looking tees