Thursday, January 20, 2011

pavement euro merch

we now have a merch site set up for our pavement european friends. please go to frocksteady. all other orders worldwide please go to kung fu.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

some photos

here are some photos i found recently. more to come. enjoy.

 hein-time laying down some guitar at orbit audio seattle...

 daryl bradie and i on abc radio melbourne...

 dan tulen(drums), craig jackson(bass), daryl's guitar, and the legendary julian wu at the nsc melbourne...

darius minwalla (drums), matt harris (bass), and kelly stoltz (keys) at parkerpaloosa IV san francisco...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

queensland floods... please donate!

hello from a disaster zone. i'm safe fortunately, but was stranded the other day and couldn't get back to my house. we have many neighbors who have water damage so we are lucky to be ok. most in this state are under water and it's going to take years to rebuild. the city of brisbane is flooding now and many of the areas where we hang out everyday are in a disaster area. please donate to flood relief if you can.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

thank you!

hello from brisbane... i'm trying to come down from such a momentous year. thanks to all who came to see pavement and spiral play in 2010. i know i didn't get much of a chance to do many spiral shows but
hopefully in the new year that will change. i will start working on a new spiral record real soon. for the time being, mt. fuji records have just released a split 7" single with the long winters. it's an out-take from the real feel named "dreams they guide us".

in pavement news: we will be re-launching the website in the new year with free audio, video, and lot's more...  and a store where you can find all things pavement you might have missed on the 2010 tour.

too many people to thank for the great times this year but want to especially thank you the fans for supporting us.

happy holidays.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sao paulo

hello from south america! this is the first time pavement will be down here. we play on saturday in sao paulo with the amazing smashing pumkins and sunday and monday in BA on our own. glad to finally be here and can't wait to play the shows.

thanks again to all who came to all the other shows throughout this year. we really appreciated the love. it made us feel really good to play the old songs once again and who knows... maybe we'll end up doing more as time goes on. but for now, we are working on revamping the pavement website to make our merch and digital recordings more available in the future. check out for more info.

as for me, i've relocated to melbourne as of 3 weeks ago. i'm hoping to start work on a new spiral stairs album in the new year. and hopefully get on the road again!

see you soon.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the midwest...

thanks to all for coming to the shows in the middle...

punk rock milwaukee!

or the cars 'candy o'...

wowee zowee indeed..

generation duce!

gold soundz