Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new gold soundz!

this is the japanese box set. out through hostess records in japan. not sure how to get a hold of it yet, but matador will probably have some available soon.

it's all the studio records plus the videos and a couple live shows on dvd. all the cds are in paper sleeves and look great.


Hiroko said...

Thanks for two great shows in Tokyo. The first night's show was especially awesome and nice to have SM at the last minute! I love your special private photos (Tigers, Karaoke, and Izakaya!) of Japan tour and pleased you had a good time in my country.
Although another wowee zowee will be my forth copy, I couldn't resist buying complete GOLD SOUNDZ box set!
See you again here in Tokyo at SUMMER SONIC 2010!

Anonymous said...

That set is cool... would be great if "S&E" uses the original mix