Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'canning it on like mongrels' part two

early morning flight back from adelaide today. a little groggy i am. got it together in time to see 'public bizare' open melbourne's laneway 2008. a perfect beginning to a perfect day. below are some photos taken from this glorious day. musical highlights were 'still flyin', 'cool kids', 'violent soho', 'red sun band', 'gotye', and of course 'bss'. and if you've been to past laneway's, you will notice how they've expanded the capacity to close off a major melbourne street this year. it's only gonna get bigger folks.  still pissed about having to wait in line just to get into sister bella's. i mean, come on, the only thing you'll find in there is the owner sitting there 'canning it on like a mongrel'. good times. 

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