Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'canning it on like mongrels' part one

like i said, i went to adelaide the night before the laneway festival. and jesus, our hotel was miles out of town. actually, it was right next to the aami stadium where the adelaide crows and port melbourne power play their afl games. no games this weekend.  supposedly, the 'revheads' were in town for some big car race. i guess that's why the hotel was miles out of the city. some of the bands playing laneway were holed up in some bavarian village half an hour out of town, so i guess i was lucky at least to be closer than that. the show the next day was cool. the site wasn't the best, but as a fan being that close to such great bands should've been enough. no pix from the show, but broken social scene, clap your hands say yeah, and bridezilla were all amazing. i didn't hang around for the last few bands, had to get back to the hotel and down a few coopers. 

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