Friday, February 1, 2008

sacred heart plays laMeway

to all my friends who reside down unda (the lovely continent most of us call australia), i'll be making my annual 17 hour journey to your shores this february. i arrive the 15th. for the first time, i'll be participating in the world's only rock festival put on in a smelly alley. it's the 2008 st. jerome's laneway festival. instead of just being the "director of directions", i'll be playing on some of the dates this year. under the moniker 'sacred heart' (don't ask!), i'll probably be playing some of the new songs i've been working on. try to check it out, there will be some very special special guests with me on stage. if you can't make it to laneway, i might be playing a show in melbourne at the tote on march 4. check back for more info. ta!

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