Thursday, January 31, 2008

playing make-up and wearing guitar

on tuesday night, i had the pleasure of participating in a 'replacements' cover night. it happened at the comet tavern in seattle. benefiting ongoing health costs for the legendary kim warnick, many seattle bands got together and played their favorite 'mat's' songs. i myself, had the pleasure of doing a few with joe, jeff, and nabil from 'alien crime syndicate'. we covered "tommy got his tonsils out', "i'm in trouble" (which 3 bands did on the night), and "i don't know". i was in charge of singing "i don't know", and in true 'mat's' style, completely butchered it. jim walsh, who wrote the new book on the 'mat's' "all over but the shouting", came up and took the mike to "i'm in trouble". didn't see it happen, but i guess jim threw a beer all over joe from 'acs'. guess he thought, more than anyone that night, we really sounded like 'the replacements'. overall, the night was a blast, and hearing those songs again really brought back all the good memories i have for 'the replacements'. that band more than anyone, really made me want to start a band in the first place.

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