Thursday, December 23, 2010

thank you!

hello from brisbane... i'm trying to come down from such a momentous year. thanks to all who came to see pavement and spiral play in 2010. i know i didn't get much of a chance to do many spiral shows but
hopefully in the new year that will change. i will start working on a new spiral record real soon. for the time being, mt. fuji records have just released a split 7" single with the long winters. it's an out-take from the real feel named "dreams they guide us".

in pavement news: we will be re-launching the website in the new year with free audio, video, and lot's more...  and a store where you can find all things pavement you might have missed on the 2010 tour.

too many people to thank for the great times this year but want to especially thank you the fans for supporting us.

happy holidays.


greenlander said...

Thank you Spiral, the reunion was amazing. Looking forward to the relaunch of the website, Terror Twilight reissue, your next album, and the next SM & Jicks album. 2011 should be a fun year for Pavement fans. :)

lynn said...

thank YOU!

Joe said...

Sorry to quote radiohead and not you but Hope you and the missus are high and dry

JPinOH said...

The pleasure was all ours! The Columbus, OH show was amazing and I'm so happy I got to be right up front, house right!

Anonymous said...

rawtube thanks.

margaret farewell said...

happy hplidays too
and thanks