Thursday, November 18, 2010

sao paulo

hello from south america! this is the first time pavement will be down here. we play on saturday in sao paulo with the amazing smashing pumkins and sunday and monday in BA on our own. glad to finally be here and can't wait to play the shows.

thanks again to all who came to all the other shows throughout this year. we really appreciated the love. it made us feel really good to play the old songs once again and who knows... maybe we'll end up doing more as time goes on. but for now, we are working on revamping the pavement website to make our merch and digital recordings more available in the future. check out for more info.

as for me, i've relocated to melbourne as of 3 weeks ago. i'm hoping to start work on a new spiral stairs album in the new year. and hopefully get on the road again!

see you soon.



Jackie said...

Hi Spiral,

"The amazing Smashing Pumpkins" - LOL...anyway,I'm so glad I got to see you guys perform this year for the first time! Lookin' forward to checking out your new album when it comes out.

btw, the black and white group pic is super tiny - could you please enlarge it? Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Just a big thanks to you! Was at the boston show and you guys were great. To here my favorite music blasted from a PA again was welcomed. Happiest crowd I have ever seen at a show. Dancing, singing, kissing.... Lost my voice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spiral,
your reunion definitely made my year. I've been costantly checking for updates since March, and finally got to see you in Barcelona. The audience was so crazy that I almost couldn't hear you play, but it was lots of fun.
Is a Terror Twilight reissue coming out anytime soon?
All the best

Anonymous said...

Mr Spiral Stairs,

I hope you didn't throw away that Pappo record that I gave. It's a couple of years before Peter Green invited him to join UK tour of '78. I thought you'd like it. Thanks so much for the shows in BA! Come back solo! Good luck with the new album.

Anonymous said...

your songs sound better than in the nineties. like a good wine that gets better after time. gracias.

Anonymous said...

I saw your awesome show in KC. Did you guys film any of the shows for a DVD release?

Anonymous said...

My husband, friends, and I were at the show in Berkeley. It was a sensational show. The band seemed to really enjoy playing, and it was great being in the crowd. A wonderful memory. Thanks.

liz abrohom said...

ı love lisstening old songs