Monday, September 13, 2010

no age and pavement tonight!

hi again. thanks to all who came to the pavement shows in st. paul, kc, and denver. all great shows! we're in chicago today playing millenium park. the great no age opens.


Louis G. said...

Mr. Stairs,

Beautiful weather, can't wait for the show tonight.

Jen Echo said...

Scott. will you all PLEASE put Debris Slide on the LA set list? I thought I'd be able to see you guys more but alas LA will be my 5th and final show of the reunion. It would be a travesty not to bounce around to Debris Slide once more for old time sakes. Pretty Please?

In any case, I'm super stoked and super sad to see you all in LA. It's hard to say goodbye (again)

all the best

Matt said...

Great show!

boatbutter said...

KC show was great. Dug the Endless Boogie on the PA before the show.

Sebastien Hue. said...

pleasure to meet y'all at the gage.
keep on kickin serious ass.