Tuesday, August 19, 2008

those the basics! in the 'bank job'????

the 'spiral record' basics are pretty much done. 22 songs. now it's on to overdubs in a couple weeks. will check back in and give a status report then. in the meantime, this weekend in sf, we are playing a bunch of new songs and a few oldies at parkerpaloosa 5 at the 12 galaxies. it's one of the last shows at the 12 g's, so should be good. i've also got kelley stoltz playing keyboards with us, which will be a real treat. hope to see you there. 


Dan said...

so this is a spiral stairs album, not preston school of industry? either way, i'm excited to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!!!!!
Didn't know you had a blog. Must say I am quite excited to read the gospel of Spiral Stairs. Anyhow, I am psyched for the new album and psyched to be occasionally updated. Thanks Spiral.


Anonymous said...

a question from a long time pavement fan. do you have any recollection of the last show you guys played on the domestic Brighten tour in 97, in Birmingham, AL? You guys started the set with a song I was completely unfamiliar with...I now think it was either a cover, or Nigel...Can you shed any light on my confusion.
thanks for years of music,

Chad said...

matt harris rules. period. end comment.

Chris said...

Can't wait to hear some new stuff.

If you tour any time soon, get yourself over to Scotland again.
It was a high point of my gig-going life being able to have a few pints with you the night you played with Wilco at the QMU in Glasgow.

Cheers Spiral.


bestessays said...

quite excited to get updates on spiral stairs album. Will follow your blog from now on. Keep up the good work. Good share!