Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's not all about you marc!

just returned from sled island 2008 and boy did i have too much fun. arrived in calgary on tuesday, just in time to see no age. good shit from these kids. i like the nod to d. boon in their video stuff they played. and the music sounded kind of like early 80's la sst stuff that i love. wednesday, i went and saw some of the art installations. some great artists up in calgary i must say. i really liked the dave and jen stuff. sorry to miss the pooh machine though. i heard this was amazing. later, saw a little bit of the tren bros, but had to leave to find my sf friends who had just arrived. on thursday, still flyin' played an afternoon set at broken city to basically my friends and i. a few vice party leftovers might have seen the best show of the fest too. don't know, since all the kids have that look today. later that night, saw the still flyin's again. was pretty drunk though with all the rikards white going around (that's orange beer). friday, saw a little bit of broken social scene play at the main stage. saw mac from superchunk and had a great talk about how we both love the clean. later, psoi played an amazing set at the legion hall where we had kevin, charlie, and leon play with us. also some great vocals from sean from still flyin'. the show was off the hook people. very punk rock! wire played later and were truly amazing. saturday, we played a psoi set at the ship. was a lot of fun. basically played to a friend's parents and a few punters. some new songs were butchered. later that night, human milk rocked the legion. too much fun. hope we can record soon! the next day, went and saw the dudes play at the palomino. good stuff! anyway... calgary... you showed up and rocked it. can't wait til next year. spiral stairs says "wowee zowee"! go here for the good photos.

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