Thursday, May 1, 2008

psoi news

hello there. for quite awhile, all has been quiet on the psoi front... until now! a new record is in the works, hopefully done by the end of spring, a new website (still working on it, obviously), and the most exciting of all... we're playing shows again! we've been asked to support the posies for their 20th anniversary show in seattle may 17th. we're excited, since we still like the posies very much (even if the drummer is a weird rush fan). we're also playing a bunch of new songs... as well as some old family favorites. if you're up in the northwest, come on down. i've also been asked to be a guest curator for the sled island music fest up in calgary, alberta, canada june 25-28. very excited about this! i've picked a few of my favorite bands, old and new to play. psoi will also be performing, but what is really gonna be special is that we're doing a collaboration with the lads in broken social scene. most of it will be new material made up just for sled island! ok, thanks for listening and hopefully see you soon. spiral....

seattle, wa.
psoi/posies 20th anniversary

calgary alberta, canada
sled island festival

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Anonymous said...

hey sprial -- play some more solo shows around the bay like back in the early 2000' know back in the day.

it might not be likely, but i'm still hoping for that 20th pavement reunion...